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Guided Meditations CD

Add a new dimension to your meditation experience with the Meditation Society of America's first CD, Guided Meditations. You'll hear step-by-step explanations of 7 popular techniques, told over relaxing music. It's perfect for unwinding after a long day as well as for experiencing deep states of meditation any time you like. Listed below are descriptions of the techniques contained on the CD.


1. RELAXATION We habitually squander energy by maintaining muscular tension when it is unnecessary. This progressive relaxation meditation will show you where you are storing stress needlessly. Your body will become completely relaxed and tremendously comfortable. An at-ease body invariably leads to inner serenity and clear thinking. This is a proper way to prepare yourself everytime you sit in meditation.

2. THE DALAI LAMA MEDITATION This meditation allows your inner Witness, your Real Self, to see all the ways you present yourself to the world, and shows you how to replace all your negative traits with beautiful actions. The more you practice this technique, the more you will be aware of your acting in ways that are unholy in your day to day life. You will automatically become more and more pure, righteous, conscious, and happy. The Dalai Lama does this meditation every day and states that it automatically changes the practitioner from a suffering sinner to a blissful saint.

3. GUILT/FORGIVENESS We carry around guilt and anger, are unforgiving and resentful, which causes us to suffer. This meditation releases us from the burden of carrying around this negativity and converts the energy into healing compassion for others and ourselves.

4. GARDEN OF EDEN We all need a place to go that is always a safe haven from life's storms. This meditation places you in an inner garden of Eden. You then can modify it to suit your needs of a place so perfect that you could spend eternity there with unlimited happiness.

5. INNER CHILD Our inner child is suffering. As adults, we are inwardly suffering now. This meditation ends the suffering by bringing us face to face with our internal, eternal Real Self.

6. AFFIRMATIONS We have an inner sound track telling us over and over that we are weak, sad, scared, unworthy, unlovable, undeserving, etc. This meditation negates the negative and replaces it with positive statements. The more you practice this technique, the more and more you will start feeling better about yourself. You will replace despair with hope, low self-esteem with self-approval, illness with well being, weakness with strength. A positive attitude will become your habit and with it will come a spiritual energization that will fill you with a joy that will become your moment to moment experience of life.

7. LOVE This meditation explores the many manifestations of love as it fills you with loving energy. It is a lovely technique.

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