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Meditation Class Information

We are proud to offer meditation classes taught by the President of the Meditation Society of America, Bob Rose, RN. Bob has been practicing and teaching meditation for over 40 years and had taught classes for 5 different Adult Continuing Education programs in the Philly area for over 18 years. We now continue to offer private or group lessons. In the classes, you learn to relieve your stress and gain control of your mind, body, and emotions. Dozens of techniques are taught that will help you gain a serene balance in your life, a universal perspective, and a conscious communion with your Real Self. As with all of our projects, the classes are aimed at helping you attain inner peace, self-knowledge, wisdom, and bliss.

For more information please write to:

Meditation Society of America
PO Box 126
Wagontown, Pa 19376

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Class 1: Introduction to Meditation
A. Witnessing life and experiencing reality
B. Becoming well-balanced
D. Stress management
E. Relaxing the body, mind, and emotions
F. The Relaxation Response

Class 2: The Path of Consciousness Expansion
A. Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation

Class 3: Demonstrations of Meditation Techniques
A. Breath control
B. Affirmations
C. Visualization

Class 4: Meditations for Gaining Physical Control
A. Why we have little physical control and experience of physical control.
B. Healing

Class 5: Meditations for Gaining Emotional and Intellectual Control
A. Why we have little control and experience of controlling the emotions and the intellect

Class 6: Transcending Limitations
A. Self esteem / selflessness
B. Guilt / forgiveness
C. Mantras / OM
D. How to get high without using drugs

Class 7: Transcending Suffering and the Fear of Death
A. The cause of suffering and freedom from suffering
C. Death - mourning
D. Reincarnation - Heaven - Hell

Class 8: Esoteric Meditation Techniques
A. Meditations of various religions
B. Astral body, spirit, and soul
C. Obeying the First Commandment

Class 9: Classic Meditation Techniques

Class 10: Secrets of the Universe Revealed Through Meditation
A. Understanding our Real Self
B. Knowing our purpose in life
C. Cosmic Consciousness

*Note: this represents a possible syllabus for a beginners class; syllabus subject to change.

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