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Learning concentration can be considered analogous to a baby learning to crawl. It is only the first phase of a process that ends with attaining a freedom of movement. Just as we find walking and running to be superior ways to arrive at a given location, we will find attaining the ability to experience states of Meditation and Contemplation to be superior ways of arriving at infinite varieties of locations.

While concentrating and meditating we are placing limits on our actions -- we are commanding our mind, body, and emotions to stay focused on the task we have assigned and not distract us. In a way, this control, though beneficial and necessary for our success at concentration and meditation, is the exact thing that we need to let go of to attain Contemplation. Contemplation requires a complete surrender -- a non-control by our finite ego/mind and a complete taking over by the infinite Cosmic Consciousness. Even though "control" may give us a way to excise some "inner demons", like compulsive behavior, distracting thought patterns, or sadness, it is limited. Only an action of unlimited qualities can lead to a completely liberated result. To fly high, we cannot tie ourselves to the ground in any way. The more we let go, the more we soar and the moment we let go completely is the moment we attain the infinite.

Concentration and Meditation not only give us greater control over our lives but also allow us a chance to practice witnessing our life as it occurs. Witnessing, which can only happen here and now, will ultimately lead to the recognition of our Real Self, which is none other than the source of all consciousness, and thus, the ultimate Witness of all. Contemplate that.

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