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Meditation in Education

First Jonesboro and then Columbine. Could anything have been done to prevent these tragedies? Can we do something to help prevent future devastation? Were the students in these schools ever given the knowledge of how to deal with stress in a healthy way, and will these methods be made available in the future? Will they be able to deal with the fears 9/11 brought about and the similar ones they will be facing?

We go to school and have facts, theories, data, etc., fill our minds and then are miserable ever after. For instance, how often has the time you devoted to studying geometry been something you used in your life? Has the study of any subject you took in school made you a happier, clearer-thinking person? Did you learn anything in any of your classes that helps you deal with the stress you now face? Do you want your children to face the same outcome? If not, please consider helping the Meditation Society of America in its quest to have meditation added to the curriculum of every grade level in every school, from kindergarten through college.

There is no better stress management method than meditation. It is the surest way to gain control over your mind, body and emotions. It can be easily learned and has a 100% positive result on everyone, of any age, who meditates. We all need to change this generation of stressed-out, road-raging, anxious and depressed people to a nation of clear thinking, serene, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy citizens. Change our children from Ritalin/alcohol/Prozac/drug users to the naturally healthy and happy kids they should be. Meditation can do this more cost-efficiently and without any negative side effects than any other way.

Please write, call, or email your school board, and your local, state and national politicians and let them know that you want Meditation taught in our schools. Contact your local and the national media sources. There are dozens of methods and concepts freely offered on Meditation Station (, the web site of the Meditation Society of America, as well as on many other fine web sites that share this wonderful knowledge with all who seek it.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and please consider joining us in this project. It is inevitable that meditation will one day be offered in our schools. Let's make it happen sooner than later.

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