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Why Meditate Now and Always

If you are at the top of a hill and roll a ball down the hill, when it reaches the bottom, it is understandable why the ball now is on the ground and not still up the hill. The "cause" is realized as to the actions that preceded the end result. Similarly, when we are feeling grouchy, angry, sad, and so on, if we look within, we can see the circumstances that caused these negative feelings. And as soon as we have realized the cause, we are no longer blindly trapped in its spider web of suffering. We then have the potential of cleanly and clearly being outside our identification with the negativity. Mindfulness brings this web-shattering option to our lives very well. So, it is suggested that when not sitting in "formal" meditation, that you continue being awake to the events of your life as they take place, and if you do not simply remain in silent awareness, analyze the cause of your present presence. As Kir Li Molari once said, "Once you realize you have been banging your head against a wall, you can stop. And this will surely end the headache."

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