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How to Deal with Pain

First of all, as an RN, I must advise you to seek medical help - if possible, pain control specialists. Second of all, I do believe that we can benefit greatly from suffering. Sometimes pain is the best way the universe has to force us to reach out and ask for help and relinquish our illusionary idea of being able "to do". When we are truly in the "Thy will be done" mode, the higher power can fill and heal us.

You are not your body or it's pain. Nor are you your emotions or your thoughts. These are all ever changing. The "Real You" is your essence that has always been present and unchanging. There is an awareness within that silently witnesses your body, mind, and emotions. It has been present since before you could label things as good, bad, pleasant, or painful. It is present now, and in every moment. This Witness is your Real Self. Once in touch with it, you no longer identify exclusively with your suffering body, thoughts, or feelings. There are a few techniques that may help you be in touch with this Witness and start to transcend the pain you are focused on. Here is the URL of one that has many methods of healing, including pain transcendence:

Visualization of Cellular Healing

There is also a nice technique for giving your suffering away to a higher power that is especially good for those who believe in a deity. It can be found at:

Visualization of a Deity

I hope these help some. I'll be praying too, and I firmly feel that that too is beneficial.

Peace and blessings,
Bob Rose, President,
Meditation Society of America

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