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E=Mc² (#4)

Within us is an energy that is life-giving and has the wisdom to cause us to thrive and evolve. A corpse has every organ, every bone, every part that we have, but doesn't have this energy and thus doesn't have life as we know it. In Japan a few years ago, scientists did an experiment with a dying man. They put him in a room that was a 100% totally controlled environment. They weighed the man and everything else in the room. They knew how much moisture and oxygen were in it and had every possible variable accounted for. When the moment of death came, they found that there were 28 grams missing that they couldn't account for. That ounce is the energy of life that right now is keeping you alive.

There really is an energy filling you now. This energy has a consciousness, a wisdom. It is smart enough to send its life-giving power into every cell of your body and cause the cells to absorb the energy, use it, and perfuse it and other gasses, perspiration, snot, phlegm, feces, urine, shedded skin, exhaled matter and other liquids and solids.

Visualize your body filled with life-giving light. Witness your body energized. Each of the billions of cells that make up your body displays its own wisdom. Some join together to form your skin, some your bones, some your organs, and some your nervous system. Each knows how to do its own functions and has its own characteristics. Each cell unique yet the same insofar as each is powered and empowered by the same energy. Visualize each cell in your body filled with life-giving light. Witness your cells energized. Your cells are composed of billions of molecules that have their own game plan of life and are powered and directed by this same energy. The molecules combine in multitudes of ways. These combinations allow the chemical, material, and electrical porperties that cause the cellular interactions that lead to organic life processes that include emotionality and intellectuality, as well as physical activity. Visualize each molecule in every cell filled with live-giving light. Witness your molecules energized.

Within each molecule, uncountable atoms interact with a purpose that transcends human understanding and yet gives the ability to ponder. As the electrons, protons, and neutrons swirl and dance, the structure of all molecules are actualized and the energy that activates them directs their actions and interactions and the functions of life are initiated. Visualize each atom in every molecule filled with life giving light. Visualize your atoms energized.

Within the atoms there is subatomic energy that has the brilliance of combining to form the quarks that form and direct the atoms that form the molecules that form the cells that form us. This same energy is within every living thing -- within all things that walk the earth, that swim in the waters, that fly through the air. It is within all that grows and all that lives. And it has a wisdom that directs all activity. Visualize the infiniteness of this life-giving light. This process of energy change and exchange has been going on forever and proceeds within you and without you now. Merge with it and live happily ever after.

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