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Inner Child, Inner Adult (#76)

Visualize yourself as a small child -- see yourself as you are now, talking to the child you were, and who is still here now, within you always -- tell the child that, in spite of all the fears that she or he had, everything has come out alright because here you are NOW and it's ok -- everythings ok -- all the fears were unjustified. You were a good kid and were just acting as your were taught and were forced into by your parents, relatives, teachers, so-called friends and even religious instructors. Tell the child within that it's safe and to never worry again -- you are now a responsible adult and will always act appropriately. There is no need any longer for the child to worry and suffer. Everything's ok and your inner child can everafter be free to soar with joy, liberation and happiness.

Visualize the perfected soul you are within and have always been and will always be -- glowing, serene, transcendent and eternal. See your Real Self as you are, and will be, talking to yourself as you are now and tell yourself you will evolve and know greater and greater experiences of liberation. Just as you now realize that your little child fears and sorrows were not worthy of all the time and energy you spent agonizing over them, your present feelings of insecurity and negativity are fantasies and it is time to know your reality -- eternally free, merged with infinite consciousness and bliss. Visualize the act of internal, eternal salvation and live happily ever after.

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