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Cosmic Consciousness (#43)

99.99% of humankind are only kind of human and hardly kind at all. This is because they are only aware of the input of their senses and their memories and fantasies about this stimuli. Basically everything they do is selfish, self-centered and senseless. To consider this type person a fully developed human would be as inappropriate as calling an acorn an oak tree. And yet, every seed has the potential to grow and eventually flower and bear fruit. To evolve from the limits of an individual, separate, egoistic existence to an eternal, infinite, universal unity is to be truly human.

Now, as you read this, sit comfortably without tension, with attention. In your minds eye, see yourself as one of the billions of life forces in movement, on the surface of the earth, in the air, in the water, acting and interacting, as the earth itself is spinning on its axis while moving in its orbit around the sun. When you experience this unity of life alive, united with Mother Earth, you have planetary consciousness. See the moon on its route around the earth, just as the planets and their moons orbit around each other as they travel around the sun, which is itself spinning in its orbit. Saturn with its rings, giant Jupiter, with its red eye, all the planets with their many moons, asteroids, comets, meteors, the whole solar system in movement as the sun takes its 250 million year trip around the galaxy. When you experience this unity of planetary cooperation with Father Sun, you have solar consciousness.

Our sun is one of a hundred billion stars that join together with gravitational attraction and repulsion on their collective orbital journey. Some joining together to form binary solar systems that revolve in unison. Pulsars beaming rhythmic bursts of light across light years of space and time. Stars colliding and exploding. Stars going nova, showering eruptions of nutrinos, gamma, x-ray, ultra-violet and infra-red rays of energy in all directions for billions of miles. Black holes sucking all energy into other dimensions. Clouds of stardust collect to form new solar systems. All part of an intricate yet chaotic dance. When you experience the dynamic perpetual cohesive energy exchange of the Milky Way, you have galactic consciousness.

Billions of galaxies join ours in sharing light, sound, and power as they pass through each other, collide with each other, are pulled into each others orbits, are propelled away from each other, go nova and dissolve, and get absorbed and reform as they orbit the infinite regions of space in an eternal cycle of birth, activity, dissolution, and recreation. When you experience the cosmic events that are going on now, in reality, you maintain a consciousness of them and thus attain the birthright of every human, cosmic consciousness. Once achieved, ever identified with. Never again to suffer from the suffering the concept of being apart from the universe brings. Forever knowing the reality of being a part of the infinite, eternal universe, consciousness of the cosmic brings one to the purpose of all incarnations -- to live happily ever after.

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