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Preparing to Reincarnate (#19)

Exactly 3000 years ago, God in His persona of Rama was floating around heaven with the Holy Mother energy of the Universe, in the form of Sita at his side. As they passed over a remote island on the planet Earth, Sita noticed a blind man walking through a marketplace. What caught her attention was that the man was chanting "Rama, Rama, Rama, Sita, Sita, Sita" as he walked. She saw that as he passed by, many people would put a few alms in his begging bowl and some would even start chanting themselves. This pleased Her greatly. After watching him for a while, she saw he had left the little town and was now walking a path that led to the edge of a steep cliff. "Rama, Rama, Rama, Sita, Sita, Sita" the man continued to chant.

"Oh, Lord Rama," said Sita, "there is a poor blind man who always chants our holy names, and in a moment he will fall off a cliff and die. Please take away his blindness. Such a devoted follower deserves our compassion and help." "I don’t get involved in that way with humans." said Rama "I have given them free choice and let them create and work out their own Karma. Besides, you have great power. If you want to save him, you do it." "Oh Lord," Sita said "I feel Motherly compassion and plead the case, but I would never presume to act in your place." "Well, I have a suggestion." said Rama "This man is so devoted that we will see whose name he calls when he falls over the cliff. If he calls Rama, I will save him and if he calls Sita, you save him. And then he will join us in heaven and enjoy the infinite blissful vision of eternal glory that is the fate of all true devotees." "Oh, that will be fine!" a beaming Sita said.

And so, the Holy divinities watched as the man proceeded on his way towards the cliff. "Rama, Rama, Rama, Sita, Sita, Sita" chanted the blind man. He then took one final step, fell over the edge, and screamed "Oh crap!" Rama turned to Sita and said, "That’s not my name! Is that yours?" "No," said Mother Sita, "it’s not my name either." "Well then," proclaimed Lord Rama, "he must now reincarnate as whatever he said in his last moment!"

There are a few very important lessons to be learned from this ancient tale. One would be that we should be aware that not all people who are singing the Lords name are sincere. Some do it simply to get alms. More importantly, we must appreciate that in a way we are all blind and approaching an unseen cliff that is our own death. Every religion has rites and rituals that deal with the last moments of life and the first moments that follow.

This passage has been universally recognized by every culture that has ever existed on the earth as a "make or break" moment. And yet, very few of us prepare for that inevitable moment at all. You are going to take a last breath and will never get another one. Are you ready? What if what you last think about is what you will reincarnate as? Are you firmly established in the consciousness of universal unity and thus can confidently expect an eternal divine reward? Are you likely to freak out and perhaps have a crappy rebirth? Depending on your answers to these questions, the Preparing to Reincarnate Meditation may very well save your (eternal) life.

Sit in a comfortable posture in a peaceful place. Close your eyes; relax your body, mind, and emotions. Inhale slowly and deeply. Retain the breath for as long as is comfortable. Exhale slowly and deeply. Do this over and over until it feels natural. In your minds eye, recall and envision your earliest life memory. Follow this event, examine it, and let the remembering fill you, but simply witness it. Do not comment, compare or judge. Then direct and allow your mind to replay all the events in your life. Watch the scenes with as pure a dispassion and detachment as you can. Witness as if you were watching a complete stranger’s life story. As you see your life unfold, you may witness yourself being sentimental about the people, places, things, or activities that you are remembering.

You must inwardly say and feel, "I am now free of these events and am ready to accept the next moment." If you feel a strong relationship with a personal (universal) divinity, you may find it feels right to state, "God, I am giving this all to you. It has always been and will always be yours. Thy Will be done." or some similar pronouncement. It is the "right" one if it leaves you feeling like a piece of the universal mosaic, filled with peace and ready for your God to carry you away to eternal tranquility. This is an attitude more than just a recitation. Repeat your choice statement as often as necessary until you are so free of reactivity to the events you are recalling and reliving, that it is redundant to use words.

As you view the scenes of your life in your minds eye, if you witness a nostalgic sentimentality toward any aspect of your life, you are not ready to join a higher power in heaven and you will reincarnate as a human. Your rebirth can occur now, or when your meditation ends, or sometime after your lifes end. If you are empty of reaction to your individual life, you will fill with loving interaction with all life and live happily ever after.

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