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The Coat of Many Colors (#54)

Prepare yourself for meditation in the way that you have found is best. Or, if you wish, there are basic techniques used to initiate the meditative state that you may try. For instance, you might sit as comfortably as possible and relax your muscles progressively from your toes to the top of your head. Witness your breath flowing in, saturating your entire being, and flowing out. Direct your mind, body, and emotions to not bother you now, in these moments of sacred inner insight. Repeat the observation of your breathing cycle over and over until you become as fluid as the air. This, and many other techniques, will allow you to experience the Alpha and Theta brain wave cycle rhythms that clinically characterize meditation and let you enter the realms of wonder, awe, and wisdom that they bring.

In your minds’ eye, picture an altar. On this altar are pictures of your divinity or other symbols of your unity with the universe ie: an Om sign, a clear light, an infinity sign, etc. As has been the tradition of all religions of all times, there is a place in front of the altar for sacrificial offerings. See yourself coming to the holy place that contains this altar, wearing a coat of many colors. Each color symbolizes an ungodly characteristic. Visualize yourself offering up a color from your robe, perhaps red, representing your lust. Green for your jealousy, purple for your pride, and so on. As you place a new color and part of your robe on the altar, feel yourself getting more and more purified and see that underneath what had been covered with poison and filth is now healthy and beautiful. Continue until you are left naked and virginally pure before the altar. See your divinity evaporate your offering. You have shed all the colors that coated you and are now merged with the great white light, as free and unspoiled by negativity as a newborn babe. Feel the pleasure known only to those who have attained the unqualified acceptance of the divine, and live happily ever after.

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