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Heart Filled With Love (#60)

There’s a great St. John Lennon line at the very end of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album that states "The love you take is equal to the love you make." Nice lyric, but in reality, it should say, "You don’t have to make love, just take it."

As with consciousness and bliss, love is ever present, showering us with infinite blessings eternally. We simply have to be empty of everything that isn’t loving and the universe will fill us with love. Every breath we take in, every heart beat, and every sensation we experience is an act of love. In spite of our inability and disinclination to share and act in a loving way, the higher power that caused us to have life continues to bless us with the penultimate gifts of love, life, and consciousness.

Sit in a comfortable place, in a posture that will allow you to be free from all physical tension. Close your eyes. Command your body, mind, and emotions to not distract you in any way. Hear and feel your breath going in, retaining, and leaving. When you have established a steady, effortless rhythm, focus your attention on your minds eye.

Receive love with every breath.

Store love in your heart.

See and feel it beam out and saturate every cell in your body.

Visualize love radiating from your heart to someone who needs love.

See their heart fill with love, saturate every cell in their body, and radiate out from their heart in every direction.

Visualize love radiating from your heart to everyone, everywhere. See them all filling with love, saturating with love, and beaming love from their hearts to everyone, everywhere.

Visualize the entire universe pulsing with love. This is reality and now is the eternal moment to realize it. See and feel yourself dissolve into pure love. Know this love, feel this love, share this love. And live happily ever after.

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