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Death and How to Prepare For It (#40)

You're not your body, you're not your mind, you're not your emotions. What you are, who you are, who your Real Self is, is the consciousness that can witness your physical, mental, and emotional reactivity and activity. It is your birthright to know this consciousness and recognize its energy, infiniteness, and eternal nature as your own.

When you drop this body, you will not be doing anything new or different. Every night you go to sleep in your physical body and awaken to and use your astral/dream body. That already accounts for 1/3 of your life that you don't spend interacting with your pus, urine, feces, mucous, phlegm container. Even during the other 16 hours of the day, we are rarely in touch with our body. Virtually all of our time is spent daydreaming about fulfilling our desires and fantasies or regretting what we have done to others or what they have done to us. "I would of, should of, could of" disease runs rampant and takes up huge chunks of our life. We rarely are aware of what our body is experiencing and even when we are it is usually only one sensation at a time. If we're listening to something, for instance, we are totally unaware of what our body is seeing, touching, tasting, or smelling. Thus, in a way, most of the time, 4/5 of our body is dead to us. Looking at the situation scientifically, we are a collection of cells made up of molecular compositions that are in constant flux. There is never a second that our atomic structure isn't changing. Every moment our molecules are different, our cells are different, our body is different. In this perspective, our body dies and is reborn every second. In reality, every atom in your body has changed from the time you started reading this until this very moment. And in this Now, you are again completely different. Similarly, when that inevitable moment comes when the energy of life leaves your body forever, the cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic structure of your body will simply continue doing what it always has. Your cellular composition will change into other molecular groupings. Atomic and sub-atomic processes will break down your molecules into components that will merge with other molecules and life will go on.

When you die, what once were the cells that made up your flesh and bones will go into the earth and merge with the soil where they may be joined with other molecules that grow in the earth, like grass, get eaten by cows, which get eaten by people. They then get diffused as food into the cell structure of the person who ate them. If a body gets cremated, the particles are dispersed into the air and could be inhaled into someone's lungs and merge with that person's cell structure. If a body is buried at sea, its parts could be eaten by a fish that gets eaten by a person and becomes an integral part of their body. The cell absorption process merges the bodies and life continues. This has been going on for millions of years. It has been said that with every inhalation, we breathe in atoms that once were part of everyone who has ever lived.

Please meditate on these obvious facts of life and cease and desist your illusion of being your body. It is simply an ever-changing collection of atoms that will continue changing forever, whether there is a living energy in it or not. You are not your mind or emotions either. They keep constantly changing, are inconsistent, and yet you know intuitively, in your gut, that you are constant. When you are awake or dreaming, your thoughts and feelings fluctuate between good and bad, happy and sad, clear and cloudy, calm and distressed, depending on the internal or external things stimulating you at the time.

What you are is the consciousness that can and does witness the activity and changes of your mind, body, and emotions. It is not that which comments, judges, or compares. That is a function of your mind called your intellect. Rather, it is that which witnesses the commentary, judgments, and comparisons in silence that you are when you say, "I AM". This consciousness is within everything, everywhere witnessing everything, everywhere. When you stop identifying with your body, mind, and emotions, as happens at death, you gain the opportunity to tune into the infinite consciousness and witness all the permutations of life that have eluded you when you limited your experience to just those things experienced via the five senses of the human body and the finite intellectualizations and emotionality that go with them. Just as a chick gains new freedom when it emerges from its shell, you will enjoy an exquisite, infinite release from bondage when you drop your attachment to your body. Like a butterfly freed from its cocoon, you will soar into the stream of universal consciousness. Once free from the limitations of experiencing life with only 5 senses, you will never want to go back. And yet you will have to until the time comes when you have evolved beyond the misidentification of your self as apart from the rest of the universe instead of as a part of it. To help you achieve this merging and emerging, you have to stop fearing the passing of your body and prepare to do it calmly with a willingness to face the next phase of your evolution as the silent Witness that in fact you are and have always been. To help accomplish this, there is a specific meditation technique that allows you to practice what it will be like to die. It allows your real self, your Witness, to become more apparent to you at the same time as you become aware of that which will occur at the time of death.

It is very easy to do this technique and yet very few meditations have such a great potential for learning and making a profound evolution in your conquering of the fear of death. Simply inhale slowly and deeply, as slow and deep as you can. Hold your breath as long as you can. Then, exhale as slowly and fully as is comfortable and then refrain from inhaling again for as long as you can. Repeat this 12 times, rest and do 3 or 11 more sets of this inhale, hold, exhale, hold rhythm. You may find it quite strange feeling, even alarming, when you first try to have no air in your lungs, but you will soon find that the more relaxed you stay during that time, the easier it becomes and the more comfortable you become. As a matter of fact, this may become the most influential technique you ever do for self knowledge. You can learn greatly about the way our body, mind, and emotions are reacting and causing you to react to the fear of death. You will gain first-hand knowledge of your real identity as the Witness that is transcendent of the body, mind, and emotions and gain the kind of faith that only the surety that first-hand experience can provide. There really is going to be a time that will come when you exhale and never inhale in this body again. Virtually every religion has prayers and rituals for the time of death and just after, that are intended to bring a calming to the one going through the experience. This meditation technique will get you used to the state and you will be calm and collected at that precise precious time you die forever to the attachment to this body. You can then collect your heavenly reward and truly live happily ever after.

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