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Forgiveness (#73)

There is a high, holy consciousness that loves you very much. It has been gracing you with gifts of love and forgiveness since your conception and continues to do so now. Before anyone, even your mother, your doctor, all the smartest and most powerful people in the world knew, this loving presence had given you the present of life. Just as it did when you were in the womb, this consciousness protects and nourishes you and causes you to thrive. As it gave you the energy to divide from one cell to many, it now allows your billions of cells to act and interact for your well-being. This is a gift of love that ignores all your sins and shortcomings and with every inhale, continues to replenish you with lifegiving energy. If this highest energy demonstrates its loving forgiveness with every breath, it is a travesty for us to not be forgiving of our and others actions.

With every inhale, visualize yourself being filled with loving, forgiving energy. Inhale slowly and deeply and see yourself as being cleansed. Hold the breath as long as is comfortable and send the energy to every cell in your body, from your toes to your scalp. Slowly and deeply, exhale while visualizing every physical, mental, and emotional impurity leaving your body. With every forgiving and cleansing inhalation, retention, and exhalation, see yourself as becoming pure, glowing, whole and holy.

When you see yourself as pure, visualize someone who need your forgiveness and send your compassionate, loving forgiveness to them. Pray for them to attain an awareness of their action and a gaining of understanding of the suffering they have caused. Forgive them in your heart and never carry this with you everafter.

In your minds eye, see someone you've caused to suffer and send them your healing, loving energy. Pray that they realize they are receiving loving energy with every inhalation and that they grow spiritually to where they forgive you and all others who have harmed them. Pray that they learned from the suffering you caused them and thereby gained strength from your interactions. And forever after, be free from guilt about your transgression. You knew not what you were doing and now would never do wrong again. Just as the highest power in the universe forgives you with every breath, forgive yourself.

With every breath, be forgiven and give forgiveness. Do this meditation every moment your have breath and gain eternal loving forgiveness.

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