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The Elements Meditation (#29)

Since cave man and cave woman times, people have been meditating on the elements. Each element can be focused on individually or all can be understood together, but the emphasis is the same: we are composed of and interactive with elements every moment. This realization is true self-discovery. The meditation techniques themselves are very elemental:

See yourself as earth -- your hair, skin, bones, teeth, all solid parts are made of elements, minerals, chemicals, everything on earth has earth in it. See yourself as merged with the earth.

See yourself as water -- your blood, lymph, mucous, urine, sweat, tears, all the fluid in every cell of your body -- everything on earth is connected to water. See yourself as merged with water.

See yourself as air -- your lungs fill with oxygen 21,600 times a day, 7,884,000 times a year -- your red blood cells carry oxygen to every cell in your body. You have many other gasses within you and without you. There is an infinite gaseous exchange going on and it's all part of the air -- cows and plants give off methane and filter carbon dioxide and produce oxygen -- all life on earth interplays with the air -- see yourself as merged with air.

See yourself as fire -- every cell in your body is activated by energy and all energy is activated by the firing of atoms -- every atom everywhere is an explosion of fire -- every atom is an emanation of the sun and its fire fuels all life on earth. See yourself as merged with fire.

See yourself as ether -- there is space within you, within and without every atom. There is space that extends infinitely within and without the earth's atmosphere everywhere in the universe. See yourself as merged with ether.

See yourself as prana -- the primal source. That energy from which comes earth, water, air, fire, and ether is prana. It is the source and sustainer of all forms. It is the lowest common denominator of everything. It is the ultimate true identity of everything everywhere.

Identify yourself with prana and extend infinitely as pure blissful consciousness.

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