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Words of Wisdom

The following sayings and phrases can help you gain a better overall understanding of the meditation mindset, and we hope they prove to be both enlightening and uplifting.

"Every meditation should be aimed at liberation from the illusion of separate existence."

"There are no separate bodies - there is only one body with many parts."

"There are no separate emotions - there is only infinite love and bliss."

"There are no separate actions - there is only the experience of eternal love."

"There are no separate minds - there is only one consciousness."

"Cosmic consciousness is our birthright. The means of attaining this are humility, compassion, and meditation."

"There is consciousness everywhere; in, on, and between everything, and you are united with it infinitly, eternally."

"The selfish suffer."

"The feeling of the tip of your tongue against the back of your teeth is present now and virtually every moment we are silent. It has the potential to awaken you to the present and to deliver a present - sensual pleasure."

"Your body is a collection of atoms that has changed its' construction and composition 100% since you first started reading this. You are not your body. You are that which can witness its' changes."

"The tongue is the hardest sense instrument to tame. Our need to comment is obsessive and compulsive. Chasing after taste bud pleasure is slavery. Witness your inner silence and be free."

"It is good not to suffer. But suffering can also be seen to be good because it makes you humble and compassionate. Stop suffering from thinking suffering is only something that makes you suffer."

"Your inner beauty is pure, luminous, and glorious. This real essence is yours eternally. Don't worry for a second about your external beauty. If you're in touch with your inner beauty, your outer beauty will be beautiful."

"If you help less, you will be helpless."

"Every breath is a gift of love from above. Fill with this love with every inhale and send it out with every exhale."

"The most serene person is the most selfless person. The saddest person is the most selfish person."

"No mind = Know mind"

"If at first you don't succeed, that's what was supposed to happen."

"Empty your mind of negativity and the universe will fill it with love, wisdom, and bliss."

"A corpse has every organ, bone, and body system that you have. The only difference between you and it is the spark of life that you enjoy. This is your real Self and is eternal and infinite."

"We should simply be a channel for God's will."

"Success and good health are blessings. Failure and illness teach patience, humility, and compassion. Thus, they too are great blessings."

"Beauty is in the I of the Be-holder."

"Desire nothing. Be content with everything."

"Great wealth will not bring you peace. The minute you get it you start worrying you will lose it. Real peace is the greatest treasure."

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